ℹ️ FAQ


When is the LAN? 

24-26 May 2024

Where is the LAN? 

Galeria Metropolia 2nd Floor, Jana Kilińskiego 4, 80-452 Gdańsk, Poland

What is the venue like? 

Please refer to the virtual walk below to explore the venue.

Do I have to bring my own equipment?

The venue will provide all required peripherals, however, you may bring your own if you prefer to use them. Don't forget to save your config somewhere online, as plugging in a USB stick won't be allowed.

How are the desks set up at the venue?

We will ensure that there is no line of sight with opposition teams.

Can I come visit the LAN as a spectator?

Of course! The venue provides a big and comfortable area to relax, drink, and watch the matches on multiple screens.

How is the weather in Poland late may?

May in Gdańsk brings warmer temperatures at around 16.3°C but also more rain, with precipitation levels reaching 46mm. Remember to check the weather forecast before you pack your bags.

Where can I park my car in Gdańsk?

In Gdańsk, charges are collected for parking vehicles on public roads in some districts. Make sure to check out parking options beforehand. 

This website might be helpful: https://sharep.io/parking-in-gdansk/

How is public transport in Gdańsk?

Travelling across Gdansk is based mainly on the ZTM Gdansk bus and tram network. The vehicles are beige and red. The buses reach practically every part of the city of Gdansk. Tickets can be purchased from ticket vending machines located at the main bus and tram stops. Uber is also an option.

Friday Night Magic

What is Friday Night Magic? 

"Friday Night Magic" kicks off the LAN event with an evening packed with entertainment. It's your chance to connect with fellow gamers, enjoy some drinks, discover the venue, and engage in a series of enjoyable games to set the tone for an epic weekend! 🍺🎮

PCs will be available for use from 14:00 until 00:00.

How much does a ticket cost?

A Friday Night Magic ticket costs €35 this will give you access to your own PC for the Friday and a guaranteed place in the Friday Night Magic at LAN.

How many tickets are available? 

We have a limited supply of 32 tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis. To secure your spot, we kindly request that you complete your payment within 10 working days of your registration. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of your reservation.

How do I pay for my ticket? 

You should receive payment instructions in your email confirmation once you have completed the registration form.


Team Tournament

When is the 6v6 tournament? 

The 6v6 team tournament is scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday. It will likely feature a group stage followed by a double-elimination bracket. Please note: Matches can be played up until 20:00 on Sunday.

How much does a ticket cost?

A ticket costs €300 per team, averaging €50 per player.

How many tickets are available? 

There are up to 10 team tickets available. Team tickets are first come first serve.

How do I pay for my ticket? 

You should receive payment instructions in your email confirmation once you have completed the registration form.