🎙️ Graecos


When did you start playing RtCW, and how did you get into it? 

Apparently, I played RTCW in 2008/2009 with the mix team we had with Keytaro (eSPERANCE) but I have no memories. When I got back to gaming due to the lockdown, I gave a shot to the RtCW community, as I come originaly from ET, and I enjoyed the game more than ET. So now, there is no reason why I'd go back to it, I'm good where I am. 

What’s your most memorable moment so far in your RtCW history, and why? 

Do I really have to pick one? I have four that come to my mind right away:

I can't pick one out of these, all were great moments in my RtCW time. 

What do you feel is the most important skill in terms of contribution to winning games in RtCW? 

Teamplay and especially avoiding to over extend, I don't really know how to say it but players tend to over-extend their position when they have the control, so they take full easily, the teammates don't know where they are and all crossfires are broken.

Aim is essential but even with a bad aim, if your crossfires stand, you can do smth if you have some discipline. 

Why do you play RtCW over other competitive FPS games? 

I play other competitive FPS, like Diabotical. We did the Diabotical Wipeout League with some other RTCW players (Owzo, crumbs, twister, ...). However, I can't deny that RtCW is, by far, my favorite. I think it's the spawntime management that appeals to me so much. I like the physics too but playing around the spawntime, give full to others, try to escape SK, keep the pressure by self-killing & come back right away. No other game has something alike. The constant adrenaline flow feels amazing to me. 

The team at LAN

What’s your confirmed lineup, and roles of the players? 

The confirmed LU is: douille, Ionix, Ryder, zoko, mouly and me as the captain.

Mouly is panzer, I'm LT. The other LT role is split between douille and Ionix most of the time. Keytaro is usually our second LT but he can't make it this time. Zoko and Ryder are medics.

Aside from classes, I can tell you that we all need to gib the corpses when Ryder is on a killing spree (gibbing lower your accuracy) and that Ionix calls everything three times at least on vocal so most of us don't have (the room) to speak. 

What’s your goal at LAN? Is there a finishing position you are targeting? 

Get drunk and have fun. We don't expect anything but funny moments. If you hear laughters during our games, it's because we make fun of someone who took full or tked someone else. Gaming-wise, I guess we'll be happy with anything. We'll play as serious as we're used to and maybe we'll finish 5th. 

What would you say was your best performance as a team to-date? 

Sticking and playing together for so long, no one could have expected that. More seriously, I guess it was winning the Season 2 Division 3 last year. 

Who on your team is most likely to miss their flight and turn up late to LAN? 

Well, I'd have said me considering that I failed to take the right train two weeks ago when we gathered at douille's place but I'm already in Belgium and I arrive on Thursday so it's unlikely this time!

I'd say Ryder then. At least, he'll scare us with that till the very last moment for sure as he doesn't respond much on Discord. 

How do you prepare for games? 

Like any officiels, we don't. We don't even have tactics. Zoko got pretty disturbed by that when we played with him for the first time. 


Of the teams signed up so far, what’s your prediction for final rankings? 

1st no Pressure

2nd Brugse Zotten, 99 Problems, Eindelijk Bier drinken

5th AaA, Marauders

7th Follow.rtcw.lan

I can't pick a 2nd, neither a 5th. 99 and ebd have different line-ups than usual but they are great players that can adapt easily. I expect great games out of these three. I can't wait to cast some of them!

But if you want a prediction anyway... I 'd say: no Pressure, Brugse Zotten, 99, ebd, AaA, Marauders & follow.rtcw.lan 

Who are you most looking forward to meeting at LAN and why? 

Ouf.. There are plenty to be honest.

My former Omega guys, you Adlad, Whitewolf, Ditto, the two brothers zoko & spike, the follow guys Nismo, Parzi, bully, dusty, Jin, Joep, Kevin, nizou, dan, ... I can't name everyone. That's already a lot, sorry :D

To me, it's amazing that the community still stands with a bunch of great lads. I'll be happy to meet anyone. 

Which player do you think is the most likely to drink so much they can’t play the following day? 

Kevin is used to it, it depends if Kuuraigu shows up I guess! Otherwise, Ditto, cuz he'll try to follow my lead.. :p

Are there any particular match-ups you’re looking forward to? 

Marauders for sure. We play this team a long time, our games are usually tight and we enjoy them a lot. Results can turn either way, these are the opponents I'm really looking forward to playing. 

The Opposition

Out of the opposition players, who is the most difficult to play against, in your opinion? 

Ditto. His aim is insane, I can't win a duel against him, he seems to be reacting so fast that I can't react against him. 

Which team do you think is most likely to pleasantly surprise people (dark horse pick)? 

Brugse Zotten, they're used to the products that we'll drink during the weekend. They are most likely to deal correctly with it and end up on top. 

Which opposition player do you feel is most underrated? 

Dan is a really solid player, aimwise and in his gamesense. I think Jin is underrated too by most players. 

The Future

What does the future hold for you and the team following LAN? 

We'll keep hanging out no matter what. We have my housewarming (dunno if it's the correct word, the first party you throw in your new home) in a couple of months in any case and we plan to rent a house in the forest for several days in the summer.

I think we'll keep on playing with division 2/3 teams. We're having great fun playing them, I hope they'll stick around. 

If you could make one change to the game, what would it be? 

The graphics. Because we could have new players with more appealing graphics. The rest is almost perfect. I like the game for his flaws as well, so, just graphics to get more players. 

Are there any maps outside of the 7 at LAN you’d like to see in future tournaments? 

Castle, chateau, radar, bremen, ufo, ... I like all maps of the game so I'd love the see the mappool changing a lot but apparently, I'm a bit alone on that one.