🎙️ Dusty


When did you start playing RtCW, and how did you get into it? 

Started in 2001 when it was released I think - was playing Serious Sam multiplayer before that. Not sure how I got into it really - I just bought/got given the game as a kid and started playing it, might have played the demo first.

Why do you play RtCW over other competitive FPS games?

Too old to keep up with other games these days and not enough time to learn new things, I only really play RTCW still so that I can stay in touch with the UK Twats arrange Meltcons with them. Played ET, Cod1, Brink in the distant past with some of the same guys but not too seriously.

Is there a particular gameplay element that keeps you coming back? If so, what is it? 

Hard to say without playing many other competitve FPS games but I like the reviving/gibbing gameplay. I'm not someone who wants to see lots of changes to the game but I'd be interested in seeing how a less powerful panzer would play out, just out of curiosity really.

What’s your most memorable moment so far in your RtCW history, and why? 

Will sound like an broken record but Last Chance's 2003 win again Snaps in the quakecon qualifiers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFQKKZ39WGY) was definitely the most memorable moment for me. Beating such a successful and popular team when we were such underdogs felt nice, followed by the excitement of trying to work out whether we could actually go to Texas. Lineup for that game was dusty, chak, papa, urkha, neo, kiz. Neo and kiz ended up flaking the lan though...

What do you feel is the most important skill in terms of contribution to winning games in RtCW? 

Decision making, something Crumbs is always very consistent at

The team at LAN

What’s your confirmed lineup, and roles of the players? 

dusty - medic, crumbs - medic / engineer, owzo - medic, kiz - lt, diccie - all-rounder, enigma - panzer / all-rounder, neo - bench. In terms of classes we have quite a balanced team but we struggle to fill certain playstyle roles on most maps with the players that we have.

How and when was your team formed?

kiz/neo/kye/whizz/sonnet all kind of appeared around a similar time during the 2020 covid quakecon at home. I had played with all of them at some point so I just stuck us all in a server

Did you participate in the last lan event in Ghent? If so, do you have any expectations for this years venue or event?

Yes. This year should hopefully be a bit more exciting without np being such a stacked opponent, venue looks fun.

What’s your goal at LAN? Is there a finishing position you are targeting? 

We will be disappointed if we don't make the final

What would you say was your best performance as a team to-date? 


Who on your team is most likely to miss their flight and turn up late to LAN? 

Owzo is definitely the most flakey of our current team and is always late to matches

How do you prepare for games? 

CTF Multidemo for 10-20 mins if I get online in time


Of the teams signed up so far, what’s your prediction for final rankings? 

1)GG, 2)UKTwats, 3)Flake, 4)follow, 5) Resterampe, 6-7) NS / Ndw

Who are you most looking forward to meeting at LAN and why? 

My old flake teammates from previous lan (Joep/Crab/Twister/Delgon).

Which player do you think is the most likely to drink so much they can’t play the following day? 


Are there any particular match-ups you’re looking forward to? 

Us vs GG should hopefully be a decent match 

The Opposition

Out of the opposition players, who is the most difficult to play against, in your opinion? 

I find all players very easy to play against, but Joep's panzering recently made kye pack in the game for good, refund his lan tickets and book an emo sleeve tattoo instead

Which team do you think is most likely to pleasantly surprise people (dark horse pick)? 

Germans, Delgon played very well on lan last time and they have played together for a relatively long time

Which opposition player do you feel is most underrated? 

Delgon, as above and always near the top of leaderboard in captain gathers (currently number 1!)

The Future

What does the future hold for you and the team following LAN? 

Expect us UK guys will still play a bit in some form, but we haven't discussed it

If you could make one change to the game, what would it be? 

Should ask Diccie his views on this.. I think a small reduction in spam could be refreshing, 2 lt cap perhaps. Think Diccie would say something like: remove spawntimers, lt cap, reduce number of nades

Diccie reponse: LT charge time, PF charge time, Eng nades and forcetap out - SORT IT OUT

Are there any maps outside of the 7 at LAN you’d like to see in future tournaments? 

Would love to see my new map that I made (mp_science) get some game time